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How To Full Backup Android without root?

You never want to try to root? , Unlock bootloader and flashing the firmware again but had to sacrifice application, SMS, and other data important to be sacrificed?

Once the backup is easy to root for. Way as do backups with nandriod or using applications such as Titanium Backup. But what if insidenters devicesnya not in root?
How To Full Backup Android without root?
Download Holo Backup

Do not worry, there seekarang useful tools to do a full backup on Android. Named Holo Backup Tools is capable of backing up applications installed applications start up the application system. Coupled with the functionality to backup SMS.

Unfortunately the applications that run on Windows OS is only for android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 + and above. How to do backed up quite easily. Oprekers just execute the file. Exe (for windows) and then select the desired backup or restore backups early results are already there.

For those who want to try it please download the file at the following link. DOWNLOAD HOLO BACKUP
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